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If your work is associated with or involves mining, sandblasting, road or tunnel construction, demolition, quarrying or manufacturing of clay, stone or glass products then exposure to silica will typically be a hazard.

Silica is found in common building products such as clay bricks, tiles, fibro cement and concrete in addition to rocks and sandstone. If these products are cut in such a way as to create fine particles of silica in the air then a potential hazard will exist.

A lung disease known as Silicosis is caused by repeated or prolonged exposure over may years to crystalline silica as quartz or cristobalite. Silicosis may also result from short-term exposure to very high concentrations.

What can Getex do to help?

Silicosis is caused by exposure to respirable sized particles of crystalline silica (i.e. particles less than approximately 7µm). Particle size, shape and concentration together with the length of time a person is exposed directly relate to the risk and severity of the damage an individual can experience. Only a competent person should undertake the monitoring of dust levels. When monitoring is undertaken it should be taken into consideration that exposure levels can be extremely variable (especially construction sites and factories) and air sampling by itself is not enough to indicate health risks.

The staff at Getex has many years of experience as Occupational Hygienists including many projects involving the monitoring and management of respirable crystalline silica levels. Getex are ready to recommend and implement cost-effective monitoring programs in any part of Australia and overseas. Together with the administrative assistance and monitoring Getex can help prepare management plans, recommend appropriate engineering controls and personal respiratory protective equipment.

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