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Air Testing

Air Testing Workplace airborne contaminant monitoring is often the first phase of a comprehensive risk assessment. It provides the data required to measure effectively the risk of the potential hazard and compare the airborne levels with the appropriate guidelines/standards. Common workplace monitoring requirements include:

Some of the above contaminants are best datalogged over a long period as large fluctuations can occur over the day (e.g. Airborne Dust levels). Where appropriate, Getex utilise electronic datalogging devices to assess accurately the level of airborne contaminants and provide the client with a more accurate assessment of the workplace. Where applicable, all monitoring is carried out in accordance with relevant Australian standards/guidelines.

Indoor Air Quality Assessments

There is increasing attention being paid to indoor air quality in commercial, government & residential environments. This is because more and more studies are showing that long term exposure to poor indoor air quality does result in serious health effects. These health effects can range from:

Additionally employers realise that better indoor air quality is ‘seen to be green’ and may increase the productivity of employees. An indoor air quality assessment is a key part to ensuring that your workplace is a healthy and productive one. Call Getex today to obtain a free quotation.

An Indoor Air Quality study measures parameters such as temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide (CO2) & carbon monoxide (CO). It can cover airborne dusts and biological contaminants such as mould. In certain circumstances, other site specific contaminants can be targeted (e.g. paper dust (as cellulose) and airborne toner cartridge ink particulates). By employing the services of an occupational hygienist at Getex you can have your home or workplace assessed to determine if you live and work in a healthy environment or, where you have concerns whether your home or work may be affecting your health, an indoor air quality assessment is an easy way to determine if a hazard is present. If this is the case the occupational hygienist can make recommendations to remediate any issue that arises during the assessment. Call Getex today to find out more.

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