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Water Testing

Water Analysis Contamination affects more than what we can see on the surface and its impact may not be immediate, potential risk and issues can arise further down the track and cause significantly more damage. Contamination and changes to subsoils, surface water or groundwater may lead to decreases in plant growth, animal life and human health; that is why comprehensive water testing is so critical.

We have a wealth of knowledge, qualifications and expertise to provide you with effective water analysis and water testing services. Incorporating Quality Standard AS/ANS ISO 9001, our quality management system defines our integrated commitment to total quality management. We endeavour to accomplish complete customer satisfaction whenever it comes to water testing, water analysis and our other quality specialist services.

Water Analysis

A water testing and water analysis program involves collection of field samples for laboratory analysis or on-site testing with portable instrumentation. Specialised equipment, sampling protocols including chain of custody documentation, selection of analytes, specification of limits of reporting and comparisons of results against appropriate standards or guidelines are all important considerations in ensuring successful outcomes.

When working with water its easy to choose the wrong sampling container, method or procedure. Careful thought is required before setting up the project. Getex is well aware of the hidden traps. Water testing and resulting water analysis may be a standalone program or part of a wider investigation or quality control program. Water testing is critical for the safety of individuals and the environment at large, allowing you to measure yourself against appropriate pre-determined benchmarks and industry standards and guidelines.

We are committed and dedicated to utilising and developing innovation and new technology in everything we do, this is evident in our water testing and water analysis as we aim always to be responsive and dynamic in regards to the changing environment and the changing needs of our customers.

We consistently offer the best quality service and technical advice available, you can be assured that we understand your needs and have the experience and skills to meet them.

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