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Soil Testing

Soil Testing
Soil testing is effective analysis determining the soils nutrient and contaminant content; soil testing identifies potential toxicities and nutrient deficiencies. Our team of experienced professionals offer a range of invaluable soil testing and soil analysis solutions to help identify and evaluate potential issues and dangers.

A soil testing program involves the collection of field samples for laboratory analysis or on-site testing with portable instrumentation. Specialised equipment, sampling protocols including chain of custody documentation, selection of analytes, detection limits and comparisons of results against appropriate standards or guidelines are all important considerations in ensuring successful soil testing outcomes.

Soil testing may be a standalone program part of a wider investigation or quality control program. Typically sampling and analysis is required for contamination investigation, disposal reports, waste classification, applications for DA, rezoning, change of use or subdivision. Do not buy a commercial property without prior advice from Getex.

Soil testing services are critical and need to be addressed immediately to avoid potentially very serious WH&S, environmental and engineering issues. At GETEX we are dedicated to providing innovative and cost effective soil testing and soil analysis solutions to provide you with safe working environments, we bring a wealth of industry experience and knowledge to be able to satisfy your individual needs.

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