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Dust Deposit Gauges

Dust Deposit GaugesHave you considered the use of Dust Deposit Gauges placed in proximity to your site? Dust Deposit Gauges are often used to provide a long term inexpensive method of continuously monitoring your worksite for deposited particulate matter that rapidly settles from the air. This is achieved by using a system of Dust Deposit Gauges set up in accordance with AS/NZS 3580.10.1:2016 Method 10.1: Determination of particulate matter – Deposited matter – Gravimetric method. This is a widely accepted method used most commonly adjacent to major roads/tunnels, inner city construction works and mining operations over long periods of time.

What is a Dust Deposit Gauge?

A deposit gauge consists of a funnel firmly supported by a glass bottle which collects deposited matter fallout. A stand supports the deposit gauge such that the top of the funnel is 2m above ground level. The stand must be sufficiently sturdy to prevent any movement during high winds and to ensure the top of the funnel remains in the horizontal position.

Deposit gauges are relatively inexpensive and are more suited to long term monitoring. They are the most simple yet most effective form of dust monitor available. Their main advantage is that they do not require an electrical power supply, therefore they can be deployed in remote areas and can be left in the field for long periods of time. However, their disadvantage is they do not provide data on a day by day basis.

Other equipment can provide real–time data matched with event data and wind activity, which offers a real advantage over other methods in managing certain sites, activities and dust emissions. Further advice on these can be obtained from your GETEX consultant.

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