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Provision Of Licensed Asbestos Assessors

Under the new Work Health & Safety Regulation, all Friable Asbestos related consultancy services (i.e. surveys, air monitoring and clearance inspections) related to the removal of Friable Asbestos can only be conducted by Licensed Asbestos Assessors. This has been in effect from the 1st of January 2012. Getex are fortunate to have experienced Licensed Asbestos Assessors who can assist you with your Friable Asbestos related matters.

The WHS Regulations require that a person must hold an asbestos assessor licence to conduct the following:

  • Air monitoring for Class A (Friable) asbestos removal work;
  • Clearance inspections for Class A (Friable) asbestos removal work;
  • Issuing clearance certificates in relation to Class A (Friable) asbestos removal work.

A licensed assessor can also carry out a number of other tasks including identifying asbestos, carrying out a risk assessment or reviewing an asbestos register.

Please call Getex if you have the need for a Licensed Asbestos Assessor today.

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