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Contaminated Site Assessment

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Contaminated Site Assessment

Contaminated Site Assessment Specialists

Contaminated sites contain hazardous substances for health or the environment; hence, assessment is crucial. Getex is a specialist environment/occupational hygienist consulting and testing company. We are owned and operated by highly experienced and qualified professionals who have worked actively in the industry for many years. As such, we are committed to providing the best quality service and technical advice guided by the core principles of integrity, flexibility, and quality.

We are contamination consultants certified under the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand’s Certified Environmental Practitioner (Site Contamination) scheme (CEnvP(SC)) and therefore have the expertise you need to handle you contaminated site issues.

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If you want to develop a site, a contaminated site assessment is required as a Development Application Condition triggered by an application to change the land's use or zoning for a proposed development. Before you commence the construction of your project, the contamination status of your land is assessed to determine if the land is suitable for the intended purpose.

Our contaminated site assessments are broken into two types:

  • Preliminary site investigation: The primary goal is to determine the potential for the site to contain contamination through historical and present on and off-site activities. This investigation will also include a limited environmental sampling and analysis programme to provide a preliminary or limited evaluation of the contaminated status of the site.
  • Detailed site investigation: This phase aims to determine the type, extent, and level of contamination. It also assesses the ability and likely path of contaminant migration and the risk posed to people and the environment.

We will cover all areas of contaminated site assessment and provide a detailed report for your peace of mind.

Contaminated Site Assessment
Contaminated Site Assessment

Contaminated Site Assessment: Our Point of Difference

Getex has been engaged in numerous contamination investigations across our two types of contaminated site assessments. Our reports have been successfully reviewed and approved by accredited site auditors.

At the core of our services are our guiding core values. These include:

  • Integrity: We value honesty and respect and believe we are accountable for our actions and decisions. We know we are responsible for hearing and recognising all interested parties' needs and requirements.
  • Flexibility: We are customer service-oriented and believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Each customer has unique needs and levels of knowledge regarding occupational hygiene and environmental issues. As such, we listen to your needs and ask questions. This ensures that we understand your objectives and the required outcomes and tailor our approach and services to fulfil those objectives and outcomes.
  • Quality: We recognise that quality is paramount. We are fully accredited and licensed by the relevant bodies. We assure you the highest standard of service to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

If you want to arrange a contaminated site assessment, do not hesitate to call us for a tailored solution.

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Getex is a specialist Environmental / Occupational Hygienist consulting and testing company. Owned and operated by highly experienced and qualified professionals who have been actively working in this industry for most of their working lives. The Getex team is committed to providing the best quality service and technical advice available underpinned by three core principles: integrity, flexibility and quality.

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