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The Importance of Using a Certified Consultant

When a site needs to be investigated for land contamination and requires remediation or management of found contaminants, it is important you engage a certified land contamination consultant who has the proven knowledge and expertise. Our consultants at Getex know how to safely deal with the issue and know exactly what paperwork and processes are required to meet both the EPA (Environmental Protection Authority) guidelines as well as any council requirements and NSW government legislation.


When contaminants are discovered on a site, most local councils and the EPA will require of you, as `the landowner, to provide a certified report. The report must provide evidence, often including lab results, that prove you have safely and adequately managed the site to ensure the contaminants will not pose any threat to human health and the environment.

All reports submitted to the EPA must comply with the Contaminated Land Management Act 1997 (CLM Act). They are to be prepared, or reviewed and approved, by a consultant who certified under either:

You can find certified contaminated land consultants using the CEnvP Directory or Register of Certified Professional Soil Scientists. The EPA provides useful tips to help you know what to look for in a consultant.

Getex have in-house certified contaminated land consultants that can provide you the necessary quality, knowledge and expertise you need. Our consultants are highly specialised in identifying, addressing and managing contamination issues on residential properties to complex industrial developments.

All our certified contamination consultants are certified under the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand’s Certified Environmental Practitioner (Site Contamination) scheme (CEnvP(SC)).

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