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GETEX is a NATA Accredited Inspection Body

Getex now holds ISO/IEC 17020 NATA Accreditation for hazardous materials surveys.

National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) is the authority responsible for the accreditation of inspection bodies, laboratories and calibration services. Having NATA accreditation for inspections is an independent means of formally recognizing the competence of the accredited facility to perform inspections to the high standard required by NATA.

Asbestos and Hazardous Building Materials Registers are an important tool for knowing the locations, extent and risk to human health of hazardous building materials that may have been used in the construction of your building.

Knowing that a highly experienced and trained consultant surveyed your property and collected samples all in accordance with internationally recognised NATA standards will give you peace of mind that all hazardous building materials have been identified and their risks assessed.

You can be assured that with a NATA accredited Getex Asbestos or Hazardous Building Materials Register that:

Before engaging someone to conduct an asbestos survey check to see if they are NATA accredited for asbestos inspections as this way you will have the peace of mind that the survey is being conducted to the highest standard expected by NATA.

Our NATA accreditation is a formal recognition of our competence as an inspection body for asbestos and hazardous building materials. To arrange for a Getex NATA accredited asbestos or hazardous building materials register of your building or property please call Getex on 02 9889 2488, email , or request a quote.

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