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About Us

GETEX Pty Ltd is a specialist consulting and testing company in the Work Health & Safety and Environmental fields. It is a 100% owned and operated by highly experienced and qualified professionals who have been actively working in the industry for most of their working lives. The dynamic GETEX team is committed to providing you with the best quality service and technical advice available. Need an asbestos survey, or worried about soil contamination? You can be assured that GETEX understands your requirements and the issues you need to deliver on. GETEX is your partner in achieving cost effective and innovative solutions on time.

GETEX is customer service oriented and capable of responding at very short notice. The company operates 24/7. Clients can contact us and get an immediate response to urgent problems any time of day or night, dealing directly with experienced consultants who know the industry and who have the experience, authority and responsibility to respond to urgent and/or difficult issues quickly and effectively.

The management team of GETEX collectively have over 40 years combined experience in the Work Health and Safety and Environmental Industry. GETEX has a laboratory accredited by NATA to ISO 17025:2005 for asbestos fibre identification, asbestos fibre counting and air volume measurement.

Our mission statement

We strive to be the industry leaders in providing high quality, responsive and cost effective services that are beyond the expectations of our customers, particularly in situations in which critical and urgent services are required.

In maintaining a primary focus on quality we aim to be a highly adaptive, flexible and dynamic organisation constantly responsive to the ever changing industry environment and needs of our customers.

Incorporating Quality Standard AS/ANS ISO 9001:2008, our quality management system defines our integrated commitment to total quality management. Through the principles of total quality management we seek to accomplish complete and mutual satisfaction of our customers, the company and each individual company employee.

We aim to employ best industry practice in all our activities. This is achieved by all members of staff being continually aware and implementing the company quality management system and fulfilling all OH&S, Environmental and other Legislative requirements as minimum expectations.

We continually endeavour to measure and improve the performance and quality of all components of our business including every member of staff. We are committed to utilising and developing innovation and new technology and in the training and skill advancement of all staff members.

We continue to establish and review quality objectives through a framework of customer feedback, internal communication and routine management reviews of staff and company processes so that our customers can continue to benefit from quality products and service.

This policy is applicable to all offices and staff members of GETEX Pty Ltd. It will be regularly reviewed for any necessary updates to ensure sustained suitability to our continually improving quality objectives.

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